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Wanderlust: Part One of Shadow of the Run's "Torso Cycle"


Bedford, OH


Summer 2019


Costume Designer

Project type

Interactive Immersive Theatre


Adam Kern

Design Credits

Set dressing and area effects: Ben Needham
PC: Henry Bernstein, Three Driveway Media

“WanderLust” is a prequel, with two more installments planned for “Shadow.” The prequel focuses on Lilly, a soulful teenager who yearns to escape bucolic Bedford for glamorous Cleveland. The saga retells the notorious Torso Murders of the 1930s that baffled Cleveland lawman Eliot Ness.

After signing waivers, attendees find themselves participating in one of 14 versions of “WanderLust.” They could be shuttled to different venues in historic Bedford, such as Viaduct Park, the 1832 Dunham House and the 1882 Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad Depot. Among other activities, they might sip tea, nibble biscuits, take a hike, ride a bus, toss pebbles into a waterfall, undergo palm readings, wear amulets around their necks, describe love, watch an abduction and bear witness to an officer or a reporter.

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